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(OFSTED November 2017)

Sandlings is a vibrant place that welcomes all pupils through its doors and pupils value their education”.

personal development and welfare of pupils are outstanding. The headteacher and deputy headteacher have tenaciously ensured that pupils’ welfare has remained a top priority.”


“Many pupils arrive or leave the school at times other than at the start of the academic year. A big proportion of pupils arrive at the school with specific social and emotional needs. Leaders’ work to support all pupils, including the most vulnerable, is exemplary; they ensure that each pupil receives the one-to-one care and support that they need to engage in all aspects of school life.”


" Pupil premium funding has been allocated to support The Thrive Approach provision in the school this year. This is particularly effective in supporting those pupils who really need intensive support to manage their emotions, behaviour and social needs”.


“The curriculum develops pupils into well-rounded citizens and is a strength of the school’s work. In particular, pupils learn about other people from a range of cultures and lifestyles in a sensitive yet critical way. Leaders skillfully ensure that these opportunities support the development of a cohesive school community where members respect and value one another. Additionally, leaders’ work with parents and other carers ensures that children and pupils receive the wraparound support that they need”.


“In order to meet pupils’ often complex needs, leaders work closely with parents, previous schools and other relevant agencies to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of pupils’ experiences before they arrive at the school. Leaders provide a high-quality induction package for pupils and their families to ensure that these pupils rapidly become part of the school community and feel safe. As a result, almost all pupils settle very quickly and make friends”.


Please  click on the picture of the file below to read our  OFSTED reports.  We acknowledge the findings of our latest report   where the overall grade is Required Improvmement and  the areas that need to improve further are being addressed; The report notes that we have made “a promising start to the new academic year now that we have secured high quality staff, including a new senior leader” and that “teaching, learning and assessment are now improving.” .The report  has noted the many considerable strengths of our school -our provision for promoting Personal Development and Welfare of our pupils is graded as outstanding and alongside our curriculum, is considered a real strength of our school. Our high quality Early Years provision has continued to be graded as good. 


In our drive to continue to improve further we will continue to work closely with our colleagues in the LA and with our committed team of governors to ensure that all systems are of the highest quality in supporting and challenging the work of the school and of course keep you informed every step of the way on our journey to securing the best possible outcomes for all of our pupils.

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