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Governors of Sandlings Primary School

According to the latest advice from the Government, the role of the school Governors includes

  • setting the aims and objectives of the school
  • monitoring and evaluating progress towards these aims
  • acting as a “critical friend” to the Headteacher
  • maintaining links with parents and the community

As Governors, we carry out these and other roles by visiting the school as often as we can, and by attending meetings that deal with our key responsibilities.

There are two meetings a term of the Whole Governing Body where a regular report from the Head on the work of the school is received. There are also separate meetings for Governors’ committees which look at particular issues with the Head:


  • Finance - the school’s budget, how it is spent, 
  • Health and Safety- reviewing Health and Safety, and the buildings and grounds.
  • Personnel and Communications - managing the development and recruitment of staff
  • Learning and Achievement - looking at standards and how subjects are taught.

The people who carry out this job bring a range of age and experience to the task. They are parents, staff from the school, and those co-opted because of their particular abilities or interests. Governors are volunteers who have the well-being of the staff and children in mind in all that they do - we are always ready to listen to ideas, suggestions or problems relating to the school.

You can contact the Governoring Body via the School on 01394 420444 or by emailing admin@sandlings.suffolk.sch.uk


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Chair of Govenors

Judith Mason 

Head Teacher

Patricia Toal

Vice Chair

Michael Hatchett

 Chair of Hearings

Andrew Thompson

 Chair of Pupil Discipline 


Maxine Hammond

 Chair of Resources

Michael Hatchett

Chair of Premises Health and Safety

Vicky Lowe

 Chair of Learning and Achievement 

Judith Mason

 Chair of Headteacher's Performance Review

Judith Mason

Safeguarding /SENCO /LAC/ On line Safety/Data

Vicky Lowe 

 Parent Governor

 Staff Governor

Nicola Blackett

Nadine West 

Previous Governors

Iain Hammond

Tina Fitzgerald

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