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The Currciulum

The way in which we teach the Foundation Stage Curriculum has been adopted from a very specific method of teaching and learning from the city of Reggio Emilia in Italy. The curriculum emerges from listening to the children and their parents as well as knowing the interests of children (puddles, shadows, dinosaurs, etc.). 

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Projects are considered as an adventure; they may last one week or could continue throughout the school year. Throughout a project, teachers help children make decisions about the direction of learning, the ways in which the group will research the topic, the way to demonstrate their understanding and the selection of materials needed to represent the work. Projects are developed through print, art, construction, drama, music, puppetry, and shadow play to enhance children’s experiences and understanding.
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Group Challenges

Children are encouraged to work collaboratively in groups of different sizes. They are encouraged to speak, listen, critique, compare, negotiate, hypothesize, and problem solve by planning challenges around their interests and the projects. These are called Hot Spot Challenges. Teachers work alongside groups to lend expertise to the research and help to develop resources with the children. Motivation, success and next steps are shared in individual, group and whole class situations in the form of Magic Moments. All children are encouraged to talk about what went well and recognise how to move learning on for themselves and others.
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Hot Spot Challenges are recorded on a planning sheet which children develop and extend with the teacher as their learning progresses and develops. These challenge maps are a valuable assessment tool and record of achievements as well as next steps. Observations and photographs are embedded as a way of ongoing documentation. They form learning journeys as a record and assessment tool, are displayed on walls and shared with parents in newsletters.

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The Environment

Within our school great attention is given to the look and feel of the Foundation classroom as in Reggio schools. Teachers carefully organize space for small and large group projects and small intimate spaces for one, two or three children. Furniture and displays are based on natural materials and colours.  The Art Studio is a key feature of our Reggio-inspired classroom, The indoor and outdoor classroom is beautiful and inspiring, and allows children to investigate, explore and problem solve actively.
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