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Sandlings Curriculum Ethos and Vision

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                     Primary School

               Unique and Nurturing

      Where Everyone Belongs and Thrives



Sandling's curriculum forms the essential key skills  and knowledge to deliver to children but planning goes beyond the basics  to develop  exciting learning  where the children are involved in making decisions and show independence. There are lots of opportunities for teachers to plan projects that reflect the interests of the class and let the children use and apply the skills they have developed.

Sandlings Curriculum Drivers form the basis of all teaching and learning in our school and strategies to promote each driver are planned for. Our three drivers are :-

1.      Engaging learners through real life contexts

2.      Understanding ourselves as learners to be successful learners

3.       Utlising Creativity 9 problem solving, thinkng out side the "box".

There is a heavy focus on developing a sense of belonging and using our locality in creative ways, especially using and developing the garden and  teaching kitchen in school.

Every week each class has a  life skills afternoon. The class is split into small groups and will be taught in the kitchen or garden and  have a personal development lesson.This will encompass some form of wellbeing activity such as yoga, as well as learning what they need to do to be successful learners.

Teachers will have the responsibility for planning core subject objectives through a purposeful and ‘real’ context which is then be delivered by themselves and LSAs.





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