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Our provision during the first lock down was recognised  as being extremely good practice  and Class Dojo  will continue  to be used  to support our provision in case of a full or partial school closure.  It helps us to stay connected with families and we use it in lots of different ways. We can communicate with one another; instantly sharing messages, updates, children's work events, and photos

"I think class dojo has been brilliant to make up the lost contact over this time period. The teachers are obviously very committed to making it work. They clearly put a lot of time and work into keeping it up to date and are always very responsive".  

"Thank you to all the teachers including Miss Toal, the work you all put in to make lockdown easier for the children and the parents in incredible! Dojo has been a big part of making the learning easier for the children at home. It has also help with the communication I feel."

(parent view October 20)

Following a review with staff and a parent questionnaire, (October 20) we have improved our provision further in several ways. For example, we have included in the weekly planning sheet a summary of what is hoped children will achieve in each area of learning by the end of the week. To support this, teachers also now post a pre-recorded daily “briefing” video  setting out the expectations for the day, which should help the children feel connected to the class as well.  We  now post  work sheets on the school website in advance so as not to fill the Class Dojo feed. We also offer daily live class Teams meetings at the end of the day which is not only good for pupil wellbeing, but a chance to review the days learning. We also hold some additional small group and 1:1 sessions.  We  also aim to deliver children’s maths and writing books to everyone’s home and ICT equipment to those that need it.

We  had positive feedback from parents when we set whole school projects

"We like the extra non-academic work i.e. bake off.

so our version of this is now “Thrive Thursday” when the whole school will have the same task to complete and this  will a dedicated non screen time.

We recognise that every family situation is different, for many reasons, and have aimed to keep our approach as flexible as possible so each family can adapt the provision to suit their circumstances and of course we will aim to help in any way we can when children are working from home.Our aim is to work together to make remote learning the best it can possibly be!

"If we were to return to a lock down the varied approach to learning was really beneficial in our house to keep my children motivated."

"Teachers are brilliant in noticing the children struggling with certain parts of maths and would send videos to explain a bit more."

videos everyday made sure my daughter was ready to start and she felt challenged and was eager to send her work in and lived for the dojo points!"

​"it was nice that there was no time limit on the work so we could take all morning to complete one task if we needed too".

(Parent view October 20)

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