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Gracious Grey Wolves Work Together Intelligently As A Pack To Succeed.

Grey Wolves(1)

Class Rules 

1. Grey Wolves treat others as they would like to be treated.

2. Grey Wolves respect each other, school property and their own and each others belongings.

3. Grey Wolves listen to others when they are talking, they look at the person who is talking and wait for their turn to talk. 

4. Grey Wolves always try their best. 

5.Grey Wolves don't give up: if they make a mistake, they try again and perservere.

6. Grey Wolves ask permission to leave their chair. 

7. Grey Wolves help each other to succeed.

8. Grey Wolves look after each other by helping with learning and supporting each other to do their best. 

9. Grey Wolves listen and follow instructions carefully.

10. Grey Wolves use indoor voices when inside the classroom. 

11. Grey Wolves keep their hands to themselves.

12. Grey Wolves respect each others differences. 

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